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ハワイ生まれの おいしい蜂蜜


東日本大震災 Earthquake

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Japan Earthquake!
I received many messages from outside of Japan, I thank you very much and here I report what happened to me.

On Thursday I had web-design class and after that I went to the supermarket (I was thinking that I should keep some junk food in case of earthquake or something!). I was in the basement. There was an announce which say, “right now there was earthquake …” then the announce stopped. Suddenly we were in a dark. At the same time I felt strange movement. You know we get used to the earthquake so we seldom get panicky with normal one. But it was different, I felt something comb. I rushed to the outside. Everyone cried, “scared, scared”.

The trains were stopped but I did not expect it would move soon because after the big one, middle sized movements continued frequently. All cafeterias were closed due to electricity problem. There was
one bakery open and there was a long cue. I thought that it’s better get food and water. The bakery girl said me that there was mag. 8.8 earthquake (now it is amended to M9.0) in Miyagi Pref. (North of Japan). I thought, “at this moment, some people must be in the broken houses” I did not realize what actually happened in this country at all. I thought it was just a normal big earthquake.

I decided to walk home. Many people were in the street. Cell phone did not work. In one place someone put the radio in the street and people listened to the news. The radio said, “Please move to the place where there is no building such as park”. I passed on the people who did know what to do.  Saw lots of ambulances and fire cars.   When I went out of the center, I saw people like me (walking to home). There was no light in the crossings. When I came close to my house I noted the electricity came back.

I got home, saw my cats were OK, and put the PC. The net worked. I received the message from my nephew. I asked him to confirm if all of us were ok or no. He did it. After that we could communicate via SKKYPE. My concern was: another nephew Tomoya was in affected area for a congress, but he had returned to his house before that.

Then I fond message from some friends from outside of Japan, I thought they bloviated but when I saw TV, they did not bloviate at all! I have never imagined that it happens.

Big earthquakes continued but finally I felt tired of hearing alarms. I full the bath with water., Closed the gas, and fell asleep.

The next morning, we saw the situation was much, much, much worse. I do not know how many cities disappeared. Many people are still isolated and the rescues can not go in as all streets are destroyed.

We went shopping: At the casher of the supermarket there was 50 people cue. We bought junk foods, water, and portable toilet. We went gas station and there also was cue.

My friend called me and said, “the gov. did not say the truth about the radiation leak, following to the inside person, the situation is very critical so this person is preparing to evacuate to the west.” She herself could not move as she has old grandmother in bed but she decided to send her kids to the west.

…. Then it was quite true. The gov. confirmed the radiation expoger. I am so worry about that but I can not do many things.

I feel so sorry for the enormous people who lost family, pets, house, job, even their own city.
No time to feel sorry for died people. The complication just started and people have to start from "less than 0" . 
I think I will do something what I can do to support affected people.

Best regards,







Re: タイトルなし

原発、非常に心配です。 無知でどの情報を信じていいかわかりません。
とりあえず、昆布などを食べ始めようかとおもっています。 ジャンクフードも水も、買っても買っても、充分には思えません。 心配です。

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